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Advanced Photonics Australia supplies zero-maintenance, accurate and comprehensive environmental monitoring for industrial work environments. Our fibre-optic, distributed temperature sensing (DTS) solutions alert your systems in realtime to even the slightest fluctuations in temperature with pinpoint accuracy. This enables rapid location of fire, pre-fire conditions and malfunctioning mechanisms in conveyors.

To learn more about the science behind APA’s DTS environmental monitoring systems you can download our technical datasheet and white paper below. To gain an insight into your current safety gaps and potential risks posed – as well as options for improving your operating conditions – you may fill in any relevant Gap Analysis Self Assessments below. If you return your completed self-assessment to us we will provide you with an analysis of your current situation as well as recommendations for improvement.

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Gap Analysis Self Assessments

To receive a no-obligation analysis of your current site safety status simply fill out the relevant Gap Analysis Self Assessments below, email to us at If you would like to discuss your situation in more detail please contact us today to discuss your operational needs.

Technical Datasheet

Our linear heat detection technical datasheet can be downloaded below. This document provides details on the fire detection and temperature monitoring principles of the system, including the use of Ramen scattering and Optical Reflectometry Code Correlation for precise temperature measurements. This sheet also provides comprehensive information on all aspects of the linear heat detector base unit and fire sensor cables as well as details regarding installation.

White Paper

Our white paper is written by Co-Director of APA and experienced veteran electrical engineer in the mining sector Ubaldo Torre. His work presents the complex science of linear heat detection technology in a concise and comprehensive manner. The following resource explains in more detail the benefits and applications for distributed temperature sensing technology in improving operating conditions and preventing fire in industrial environments.