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Mechanical Fire Protection

Mechanical Fire Protection

Our distributed temperature sensing (DTS) fire protection technologies can protect valuable equipment and provide early warning of impending mechanical fires.

This fire monitoring system can save lives and secure assets through the early detection and prevention of otherwise catastrophic events such as conveyor fires. Advanced Photonics Australia’s temperature sensors detect temperature increase in situations where conventional heat detectors are unable to provide accurate and reliable data.

Fiber-optic distributed temperature sensing can detect bearing surface temperatures and, with the aid of soft sensor techniques, calculate internal bearing temperatures. This can be combined with other drive measurements such as speed, load, ambient temperature, operating time and lubrication period to support predictive maintenance strategies.

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Conveyor Fire Protection

Our distributed temperature sensing fire protection system has a proven track record. It has been successfully implemented for mechanical fire protection in projects such as Glencore Coal’s Bulga Coal Handling Plant.

The deployment of photonic sensors technology on conveyors for temperature monitoring of idler and main drive bearings allows for early detection and identification of overheating rollers, bearings, and issues with ancillary equipment. This helps prevent conveyor belt fire by providing consistent temperature data collection for predictive maintenance planning and the repair of main drive bearings and replacement of idlers.

Mechanical Fire Protection In Mines

Conventional fire or heat detection on mine and process plant conveyors has been difficult to achieve using conventional fire monitoring systems. This is mainly due to the conveyors’ long length and variable physical orientation (e.g. slopes, corners, enclosed or open structure), high speed of the belt dispersing any gases, harsh operating environment, and prohibitive costs for the supply, installation, and maintenance of conventional mine fire services on this scale.

The result has been underperforming conveyor fire protection systems and in most cases no fire detection at all. Heat detection to analyse the surface temperature of mechanical components and provide real-time temperature data for proactive repair and maintenance action is nearly non-existent in the sector.

Our Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) technology addresses these issues relating to conveyor operating conditions and greatly increases fire safety for the protection of people, fixed assets, and the minimisation of disruption to plant production. Due to the multiple forms of temperature measurement (convective and radiant) employed by the system, the precision of the collected data is unaffected by wind and other environmental effects.

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