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Fire Protection Systems

Fire Protection Systems

Advanced Photonics Australia provides Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) technology to detect the earliest warning signs of fire (e.g. smouldering coal) over large areas, enabling critical action to avoid irreversible fire events.

Fire risk management strategies and procedures in industrial work environments are imperative for the safety of personnel and the protection of valuable equipment. To ensure the implementation of an effective and efficient fire protection system, it’s vital that the most up to date and advanced fire protection technologies are employed.

While there are some commercial fire detection systems already on the market, these conventional detectors are not ideal for mine fire services and other industrial workplaces. They are often prone to false positives due to the harsh environments they’re deployed in, require regular maintenance to continue functioning and require a constant connection to a power source (which itself can be an additional risk of fire in some environments, such as underground mines).

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Benefits Of Temperature Sensing For Fire Avoidance

When it comes to fire avoidance – or the detection of conditions likely to develop into a fire – there are currently no other types of fire protection systems that cover large industrial areas and provide real-time temperature monitoring to prevent a fire before it begins.

Early warning of an impending fire is critical to enable action for avoiding irreversible fire events. For example, smouldering coal takes on average 16 to 24 minutes to erupt into a flame which could set off a material fire or even an explosion. Our Distributed Temperature Sensing solution will detect smouldering coal ahead of conventional gas or infrared detectors.

Advanced Photonics Australia’s fiber-optic temperature sensing fire protection technologies provide constant and accurate temperature monitoring over large areas even with the presence of high wind velocities and other harsh environmental factors.

What Is Photonics Technology?

Advanced Photonics Australia provides a distributed temperature sensing solution over distances of many kilometres using fiber-optic cables. This photonic sensors technology does not require any external power source and provides continuous, real-time temperature monitoring, creating a constant temperature profile.

The temperature of the area surrounding the cables is measured by analysing the reflection of an optical laser pulse transmitted through the fiber core. The way in which scattered light is transmitted back to the transmitting end of the cable is called the Ramen effect. Due to the fact that the Ramen signal is relatively stable and its amplitude is affected significantly by temperature, the exact position (to the nearest 0.5m) of an increasing heat source can be instantly identified by analyzing the returning light pulse.

The Ultimate Mine Fire Protection System

Fire risk management in both surface and underground mining is a key component of overall workplace health and safety. It’s important that fires are detected as early as possible to remove people from harm and to protect assets. The best way to prevent fires from occurring in mine environments is a fire protection system that provides constant temperature monitoring in critical areas. This includes coal stockpiles, the reclaim tunnel’s coal valve area, disused tunnels and on equipment bearings.

It’s also vital that any equipment used for temperature monitoring in the mining environment is not itself a source of ignition. Due to the fact that our photonic sensors technology requires no external power source and is self-powered by the laser signal transmitted within the fiber, the DTS cables pose no ignition risk.

Using commercial fire detection systems over large areas such as mine conveyors has traditionally been impractical. This is due to the high costs and reliability issues associated with large number of sensing devices required over extended conveyor distances and the complication of a dusty coal mine environment.

Advanced Photonics Australia has solved this problem with a temperature sensor solution that can be implemented using existing cable networks, which provides a constant temperature monitoring profile throughout the mine site to detect any unusual heat build-up and trigger strategic action to prevent the ignition of fire.

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