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Commercial Fire Detection Systems

Commercial Fire Detection Systems

Advanced Photonics Australia provides an early warning fire detection system to quickly detect and accurately locate fires in large industrial environments.

A blazing fire can have devastating consequences, damaging valuable assets, causing costly down-time and risking lives. A commercial fire detection system is made more complex when the site is affected by harsh environmental conditions. Industrial facilities such as mines frequently produce dirt, dust, humidity and corrosive atmospheres in the production, storage, and transport of goods. Conventional temperature sensor technology and fire monitoring systems can be hampered by these conditions and tend to produce false alarms. These outdated systems require periodic, time-consuming maintenance and calibration effort.

Superior Fire Protection Technology

Traditionally, fire detection in mines, process plants and other industrial environments has been difficult to achieve and inefficient to operate due to the limitations of conventional addressable fire detection systems. This includes the need to be powered across large geographical distances, false-positives being constantly triggered by contaminants in harsh environments and the ongoing expense and inconvenience of calibration and maintenance.

Advanced Photonics Australia provides a reliable and accurate fire protection system for fire detection in large industrial environments (including coal mines), that solves these problems and sets a new benchmark for fire protection technology.

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What Is Distributed Temperature Sensing?

Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS), also referred to as Linear Heat Detection, uses a network of fibre optic cables for rapid fire detection across vast distances with pinpoint accuracy. These cables connect back to the brains of the operation, the DTS unit, which analyses the data sensed by the cables and then provides real-time alerts of where a significant temperature change or fire has been detected.

This ruggedised system of fiber-optic distributed temperature sensing has the capacity to quickly detect heat build-up to within 0.5 metres of its source. This precision is unaffected by wind and other environmental factors.

The cable detects not only convective but also conductive and radiant (infrared) heat. The central DTS unit can interface directly or remotely with fire alarm panels and existing SCADA/HMI systems to provide real-time feedback of the location and intensity of fire for strategic evacuation and fire suppression response.

Mine Fire Services: Benefits Of A Dts Fire Monitoring System In Mines

Coal mines – in particular, underground sites – are prone to fire due to the combustible nature of coal as well as fire risk associated with the operation of the mine. If a fire breaks in a mine or at processing plants linked to the site, the consequences can be severe if the fire is not detected early.

An investigation carried out into the effectiveness of DTS in mine environments (which you can read on the downloads section of this website: Conveyor fire detection & condition monitoring using fibre optic distributed temperature sensing) found that a DTS solution has a range of benefits for use as an early warning fire detection system:

The principal results of the investigation presented in this paper have shown that the DTS system has proven to be a robust, multi-functional, lower cost to install and maintain, alternative for the harsh mining environment, whilst meeting the requirements for equipment protection levels (EPL) for mines Mb to AS22901.1:2014 (High Degree of Protection) in explosive atmospheres.


The fibre cable is the sensor, no other cabling or field interface devices are required:

  • Accredited for fire detection use (flame resistance 750°C for 2 hours, IEC 60331).
  • Doesn’t propagate the flame along the cable (IEC60332-3).
  • Can be installed in harsh environments (stainless steel cable sheath with high crush resistance).
  • Is immune to EMI (electromagnetic interference).
  • Requires no maintenance after installation.

The DTS unit provides 24×7 remote temperature monitoring of the entire cable length, for total coverage:

  • Provides not only the temperature but the actual location of the fire.
  • Provides early warning of abnormal heat before a flame occurs.
  • Interfaces to fire alarm panels & existing site HMI/SCADA systems.
  • Safety Integrity Level SIL2 (IEC61508) for high reliability when asked to alarm.
  • Available in 19” rack or IP66 external stainless steel enclosures.
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