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Report: Safety report shows fire & explosion top risk in coal mines

The latest quarterly report (January-March 2020) from the NSW Resources Regulator shows that fires & explosions in coal mines are the number 1 driver of incident notifications.

Coal mines account for 3 in 4 total incident notifications and of these, 40% are related to fires and explosions.

NSW Resources Regulator - Coal mines are #1 source of incident notifications

NSW Resources Regulator - Coal Mine Fires and Explosions



Fires on mine sites can endanger staff, compromise valuable equipment and increase downtime. How is your mine site protected?

Advanced Photonics Australia uses market-leading technology to allow detection of the the earliest warning signs of fire (e.g. smouldering coal) over large areas, enabling critical action (like fire suppression) to avoid irreversible and damaging events.

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